Top 10 Super Foods for Hair Fall

Top 10 Super Foods for Hair Fall : Having shiny and bouncy hair is a dream of every girl or woman. However, everyone in his or her lifetime has to go through a phase in which he/she feels like the hair on head is getting ripped off. This is without a doubt one of the most difficult moments for people who love their hair. For women, this issue is very sensitive as they tend to love their hair. However, on the other hand, men also get worried when they start finding a lot of hair in their combs as the percentage of hair loss is higher in men as compared to women. This is the main reason why the men start making sure that the food that they eat helps them having a good and thick hairline.

Hair Fall

The same goes for women. When they start finding their hair getting off their head, they start making sure that they use the best possible hair products that are not only expensive but also difficult to find. However, they fill go to the extra lengths and make sure their get stronger and lengthier. The only thing that they do not know is the fact that it is not always about the products that you use on your hair to have good quality hair. Rather, there are a lot of food items that help you getting rid of the hair loss. Top 10 Super Foods for Hair Fall explain below.

The reason why food helps you having good hair

The main reason why the hair loss occurs is the fact that the body gets deficient in the required minerals and elements. The deficiency of the right kind of elements in your body makes your hair lighter as well as weaker and leads to their getting off your head. This issue can be covered by changing your diet and moving from the junk foods to the food items that are high on the required elements. Once you move from the low level foods to the high level ones, you start having a head filled with heavy hair.

Green vegetables for Hair Fall

Though, most of the people do not like eating green foods. Less do they know that the vegetables that are green in color and are leafy are the ones that start producing sebum in your body. Sebum is the element that helps you having stronger and shinier hair. The deficiency of vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin C is another reason why you have bad quality hair. Start eating green vegetables daily such as spinach and broccoli and you will soon have healthy hair.

top 10 super food Green vegetables

for Hair Fall

The deficiency of proteins is one of the main reasons why you start feeling pain in your body. It is because protein is the main element that helps you having your body parts stick together by making them stronger and strengthens them. The right amount of protein in your hair also helps you having healthy hair. You need to start eating food items that help you having high level of protein in your body. Egg is one of such food items that give your body a good amount of protein. You can either eat it in your meal or apply it on your hair directly.  

 top 10 super food Eggs

Almonds for Hair Fall

In order to grow your hair back, you need to eat food items that have vitamin E in them. almonds is one of the best food items that have this vitamin and adding it in your daily meal helps you growing your hair back and having a healthy hair. Almonds also provide a high level of iron in your body. It also helps you growing your hair.    

Wheat for Hair Fall

The deficiency of silica as well as iron is a main issue behind your hair getting off your head. There are many food items that help you getting rid of the deficiency of these elements. Eating whole wheat throughout your body moves you from having bad hair days to voluminous hair.  

Carrots for Hair Fall

Having a healthy scalp is important as it is the only way you will be able to grow healthy hair on your head. Carrots are the best food items to be eaten in order to add the vitamin A in your body. It not only gives you a healthy scalp but also provides you a skin that is radiant and shinny.  

Milk for Hair Fall

When we talk about the deficiency of protein that leads to the issue of hair loss, we cannot miss the importance of milk at any cost. Milk is one of the major suppliers of proteins and drinking milk daily helps you getting the required amount of protein in your body. Additionally, if you want to use is on your hair, mixing milk and egg and applying it on hair nourishes the hair.  

Beans for Hair Fall

Beans is also an important food item that should be a part of your daily meal as it is the best source of Vitamin E. vitamin E is an element that makes your hair stronger, shinier and healthier.  

Oyster for Hair Fall

The deficiency of Zinc can also be a major reason behind the flakiness of the skin of your scalp and the hair getting off your head. Weak scalp leads to weak hair that tend to fall out easily. In order to have healthy hair, you need to add zinc in your meal by making Oyster a regular food item.  

Nuts for Hair Fall

If you want to add those food items in your meals that would not provide just a single nutritious element to your body but will be a source of a variety of them then, you need to add nuts in your daily meal. Having nuts such as beans, almonds and various kinds of dry fruits help you growing your hair stronger by providing you the right amount of vitamins, proteins and zinc at the same time.  

Peasfor Hair Fall

You can add peas in almost your daily meal in whatever you make for lunch or dinner. You can also make it a regular thing to eat in your breakfast. Moreover, you can eat it raw as well. One of the main reasons why peas help in making your hair healthy is the presence of vitamin B12 as well as B6. These vitamins help to make your scalp stronger by increasing the flow of blood in it.  


The issue of hair loss is something that effects women as well as men. It is necessary for you to start taking in the magical food items that help you get rid of the hair loss issue in order to have bouncy and shinny hair forever.

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