How to Make Homemade Aloe Vera Oil for Massive Hair Growth

I’m going to be showing you guys how to make aloe vera oil .  so making this oil is super easy you just need two ingredients which is your favorite hair oil. aloe vera so I’m going to be using three ingredients the third one is optional so I’m gonna just be using my favorite hair oil which is sunflower oil. extra virgin olive oil I got this from Publix I think you could also find it at Walmart I don’t think it’s hard to find . then I’m gonna be using aloe vera. I think this is just about like a good handful of aloe vera. I just chopped up the aloe vera leaf I’m gonna be adding into my oil which is rosemary which you can also find at the grocery store. but I ended up just getting this rosemary from myaunt’s garden. as you know rosemary is really good for your hair. it helps promote hair growth because it stimulates the blood flow circulation to your scalp so basically all I’m gonna do is just heat up a pan.

How to Make Aloe Vera Hair Mask

I’m gonna put it like on some I’m gonna put it on medium heat and I’m just gonna add a half a cup of oil into the pan. then from there I’m just gonna go ahead. add the aloe vera as well as the rosemary and let it cook for about 15 minutes.I think it’s mainly I think Publix is I’m not sure if it’s in other states but I know it’s throughout the state of Florida so that’s where I live so I just go to Publix into the produce section. it’s just right there so some people also said they can you can also get aloe vera from Walmart. somewhat much you may have to ask the produce associate um that you need some aloe vera. they’ll be able to get you aloe vera from the back. then also if you have any like local like Hispanic or Caribbean stores most likely they will also have aloe vera in their shops as well.  also if you don’t want to get the actual leaf you can get aloe vera juice from like Walmart or Whole Foods or aloe vera gel from like Walmart or Whole Foods.

you can also go to like the vitamin shop they also have aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel and bottles that is all-natura.l also if you’re still not able to find it. if you try going to like Lowe’s or  like Home Depot and go into the what is called the garden section they’ll have like potted aloe vera like there won’t be big they’ll be like little small plants but you could take the you could buy the plant. you know you could use the little leaf for now or whatever or plant it in your garden and just watch. it grow and then when it’s ready you know you could just pick a leaf off. you know you got aloe vera so I hope this helps you guys to find the aloe vera plant or at least find the bottled gel or juice so I’ve let that aloe vera oil cooled down.

I transferred it into an applicator bottle but before I put it into my scalp I’m gonna go ahead. measure the length of my hair so one of my 2020 goals is to reach hip length by the end of the year. so I just want to measure my hair to kind of see where I’m starting at so that way I can do a comparison at the end of the year. I’m just going to make it just simple. easy so I’m just going to measure from the nape of my neck down to the ends of my hair and then. I just want to see how many inches I have to go to waste not waste Li yeah is it whistling like waist or hip no I’m already at waist sorry guys so I’m going to hip length so the measurement. I got sorry wasn’t in frame but it was from my nape to the ends of my hair was 16 inches it was a little bit more than 16 but I’m just rounding 16 inches. I’m not trying to make it that complicated and then. I measured the nape down to my hip to see how many inches is that which was 24 inches so. I’m at 16 right now I’m trying to get to 24 inches so that is 8 inches of hair that. I have to grow by the end of the year and I believe it’s very much so possible so we grow our hair about what average is about half an inch a month so basically.

I got a try to grow 8 inches in a year and try to retain that growth as well so retain length. I mean I was not the same thing you guys know what I mean so right now I’m just gonna go ahead and apply the oil to my scalp and then. I’m just gonna go ahead and massage it in as I do as I apply it into my scalp. so I know some of you guys are going to ask what about the henan on the oil I still have that oil the reason. I’m not using it right now is because my hair is so pressed and that oil is kind of on the heavier side and I just don’t want my hair to look like way down and oily right now. so that’s why I’m just putting it aside for now until I wash my hair my hair is back to curly and also the reason I’m not using the aloe vera juice right now. I decided to use an olive vera oil is because if I was to use the aloe vera juice right now it would revert my hair back to curly.

I don’t want that right now so I thought it’ll be best to use aloe vera oil instead of the aloe vera juice and so that’s what. I’m doing right now so if you guys have any questions about those things it’s just. I’m not using them right now because my hair is in a sub press. I don’t want my hair to revert back and I don’t want my hair to look oily so I hope that explains it so right now. I’m just gonna go ahead and put my hair into a protective style because you know you guys know I love a good old protective style. I’m just gonna do two little French braids and and that’s how I’m just gonna rock it for like the next maybe a week. I’m not sure yet I’m also going to be using this oil twice a week because like I said I don’t want my hair to look way down on oily. I’m just gonna put it on my scalp because eventually the oil will travel down to my ends anyway so I don’t want to add extra oil to my ends. it just looks way down so I hope you guys really enjoyed this video I hope that it helps someone.

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