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Heart diseases leading cause of death for both men and women in the entire world. and even then most people don’t give their heart the attention. Needed to enjoy optimal health people worry a lot more with other health conditions. Sometimes not knowing that their worst enemy is just around the corner and it’s heart disease. so in today’s I will tell you eight heart healthy food you should be eating on a daily basis to enjoy optimal health. and keep your heart healthy naturally and effectively. if you want to stay healthy some of the most important things. you should be taking in to consideration are food and exercise. Something that’s very easy to practice but to some people is so hard to achieve. like keep your heart healthy naturally and effectively.

Food Good for Heart Disease

Berries Food Good for Heart

Berries are a wonder fruit blueberries blackberries and Bill berries are all packed with important nutrients that play a central role in heart health. these fruits are known for being rich in antioxidants like anthocyanins these substances protect you against oxidative stress. and inflammation that later on contribute to the development of heart disease. studies have shown that eating lots of berries can reduce the risk of factors for heart disease. for example in one study with 30 adults with metabolic syndrome researchers observed that drinking a beverage made of dried freeze strawberries for eight weeks decreased bat LDL cholesterol by eleven percent by the way metabolic syndrome is a very common condition that puts people at risk for heart disease. and two very important ways to prevent this from appearing our exercise. and diet and therefore berries also just to have a good idea of how berries can help another study found that eating blueberries on a daily basis improves the function of the cells that line up our blood vessels.

And these are the same vessels that control blood pressure and blood clotting. so if you have high blood pressure circulatory problems heart disease or any other health condition. that has to do with your heart try berries can help. and if you need something strong or good quality supplement it contains more than 22 natural ingredients for heart health look for on cardio at dr. Alaine of article this formula contains resveratrol coenzyme q10 and 20 other very effective natural ingredients for your heart.   Dark Chocolate Good for Heart Health   Dark chocolate is not only delicious but also extremely healthy several studies have associated eating dark chocolate. or organic dark chocolate with the lower risk of heart disease. and when I say dark chocolate. I’m referring myself to that dark organic cocoa a chocolate with high concentration of cacao solids. that has little to no sugar added one large study demonstrated that people who ate chocolate for at least five times per week had a 57 percent lower risk of coronary artery disease. and this my friends is an awful lot another study found that eating chocolate at least twice per week was associated with a 32 percent lower risk of having calcified plaque in your arteries.

Same plaques that can cause a heart attack. and this again is a lot 32 percent now be sure to pick that high quality dark chocolate with cocoa content of more than 70% and try to moderate your intake to ensure those heart healthy benefits. ifyou have difficulty finding good quality dark chocolate you can always use a supplement formula. that contains many of the beneficial compounds found in chocolate multi the men from fine line contains 42 different extracts from real organic. and on top of that all the vitamins and minerals you need for a proper body function. you can find multiple men at doctor land over comm.   

Fatty fish Food Food for Heart Patients

  Fatty fish another very important food source that helps protect your heart fatty fish. like salmon tuna sardines etc are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which have been studied extensively on their heart health benefits for example in one studies researchers found. that eating fatty fish for appearance over eight weeks significant decreased diastolic blood pressure in these patients. and in another study eating fish for a longer period of time was found to lower cholesterol triglycerides fasting blood sugar. and systolic blood pressure in these patients by the way all of them are involved in heart disease. now if you don’t eat too much fish or seafood fish oil is another good option. you can take as a daily supplement of omega-3 fatty acids.  

Garlic Good Food for Heart

  Garlic has been widely recognized for over 100 years as both the preventive agent. and a treatment for many of the cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. some of these conditions include for example arthrosclerosis that’s. when your arteries narrow in size you to plaque buildup for example hyperlipidemia which happens. when cholesterol levels rise in the blood thrombosis which is basically blood clotting hypertension. and diabetes that greatly affect our heart health in the long run several scientific reviews of both experimental and clinical studies have found that garlic consumption has significant cardioprotective effects in both animal and human studies.

But the most incredible characteristics it’s that it’s been shown to help reverse early heart disease by removing plaque buildup in the arteries. and this my friends is one of the few things I know a nature capable doing so the Journal of nutrition published in 2016 a study that involved patients with metabolic syndrome the results show that aged garlic extract effectively reduces plaque buildup in coronary arteries. so now you know aged garlic extract can help you slow the progression of arthrosclerosis. and reversed early stages of the heart disease.  

 Green tea

  Green tea has also been found to benefit. and improve some of the risk factors associated with cardiovascular conditions some of these factors include total cholesterol levels but more specifically LDL cholesterol. and triglycerides green-tea dramatically increases the antioxidant capacity of our blood protecting LDL cholesterol from oxidation which is one of the pathways towards arthrosclerosis. and later leading to circulation problems heart disease or heart conditions some observational studies discovered that green tea drinkers have up to a 31 percent lower risk of suffering cardiovascular disease. if they take it on a daily basis that’s almost one third of your chances pretty impressive so don’t forget to include green tea to your daily beverages.  

Olive oil

  Olive oil the Mediterranean diet is known for being one of the healthiest diets in the world. the state is rich in fish nuts but specifically olive oil. olive oil is packed with antioxidants relieve inflammation and decrease the risk of chronic disease. this oil is also rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. and in many studies have been associated with heart health improvements in one very large study done in Europe more than 7,000 patients with high risk of heart disease. so that these who consumed the most olive oil had a 35% lower risk of developing heart disease. so take advantage of the many health benefits of olive by using it cooked in dishes. or as a daily salad dressing.  

Walnuts or Almonds 

These nuts are a great source of fiber and micronutrients like magnesium copper and manganese. these nuts are incredibly nutrient dense providing the heart with a long list of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for heart health according to several scientific studies. occasional consumption of walnuts and almonds can help decrease cholesterol lower diastolic blood pressure, and decrease inflammation by the way these nuts are very rich in nutrientsl but also oils and halves every healthy uses in medicine.  


Avocados the fruit you probably didn’t imagine would be on this list. and the truth is that avocados have a great high content in healthy fats. but specially potassium which is incredibly healthy with respects to heart health. many scientific studies have seen how avocados are capable of helping the body reduce cholesterol levels and improve heart health in one of these studies researchers. observed that people who ate avocados regularly we’re less likely to have metabolic syndrome which is a condition that can lead to serious health conditions including diabetes and heart disease. 

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